2018 Sports Person of the year

Nerang RSL and Memorial Club would like to congratulate member, Neville Thomas, who was named Sports Person of the Year for 2018 at the club’s AGM held on Sunday 17th February.

Neville, a long time member of Nerang RSL Social Golf Club, regularly volunteers his time to the Golf Club and is an all round supporter of Nerang RSL.

Nerang RSL Social Golf Club secretary and treasurer, Ben Hides, said Neville was nominated by the Social Golf Club for his display of sportsmanship, hard work and ongoing involvement,
and is a well-deserving recipient of Sports Person of the Year for 2018.

“If I were to go back on previous years, I could give you lots of amazing stuff Nev has done for us but when focusing on 2018, there’s definitely a few things that stand out and these
were included in Neville’s nomination for Sports Person of the Year,” he said.

“Neville volunteers his own time at each game, and afterwards, as the club’s handicapper which can often be time consuming. He keeps track of everyone’s scores and supplies his own books, folders and pens to get the job done without complaint…except of those he receives from players who get their handicap cut down when they come in with a win and pro-like scoring. It’s all in jest though and he cops it on the chin with a grin.

“Neville also assists Stretch and I by organising golfers into teams and their carts, and helps advise golfers of the rules of the game-play for the day. He has a great knowledge of the game and its official rules so depending on what games we play and where necessary, he helps the club by fixing score cards after games to ensure the correct scores are given dependent on handicaps and how hard the hole is ranked on that course.”

And it’s not just the organisational side of the game that he has a handle on, but also the green itself. Neville never missed a game in 2018 and was awarded two trophies at the Golf Club’s end of year presentations.

“Neville didn’t miss one game in 2018, attended our end of year trip away and was awarded two trophies, one for the most points scored over the year for A Grade and another for the most ‘longest drives’ recorded in 2018, at our end of year presentations which are scored and decided by the club president,” said Ben.

“These are just some of the fantastic aspects that make Neville a well-deserving recipient of this award. Neville is a great golfer, fantastic guy and a supporter of both the Social Golf Club and Nerang RSL and we’re very grateful for all he does, and the Social Golf Club is proud to see Nev named as Sports Person of the Year for 2018.”

Nerang RSL would also like to congratulate Sylvia Cope who was nominated by the Nerang RSL Swimming Club for her swimming achievements, determination and spirit as well as senior coordinator and foundation member of the Nerang RSL Netball Club, Eden Crabtree, who was nominated for her loyalty, commitment and dedication to coaching, playing and umpiring at Nerang RSL Netball Club.

Chef Ana at Nerang RSL Gold Coast

A passion for food and crafting ‘delicious dishes’ is what inspired Nerang RSL and Memorial Club’s Anastasia Romans (Ana) to pursue a career within the kitchen, and last month
the budding chef ’s dreams became a reality, as she completed her full-time apprenticeship in Commercial Cookery.

As the first ever apprentice to complete the extensive course at Nerang RSL, Ana will be recognised at the upcoming International Women’s Day morning tea at the Club.

Ana first stepped foot into the Nerang RSL five years ago, as a School Based Trainee ready to study a Certificate III in Hospitality, but she soon realised that ‘the kitchen’ was calling her name and she couldn’t ignore her prevailing passion for food – so she made the switch to study  Certificate III in Commercial Cookery!

In addition to her one-day a week work place commitment at the club, Ana started picking up extra shifts in the kitchen and with her passion growing by the day – she took the leap as a
full-time apprentice in 2016.

The long hours of study and hard work has certainly paid off for Ana, and she’s ecstatic to have reached the special milestone while also feeling humbled by the support of the Nerang RSL.

‘After three years of study and work, I’m very happy to have completed my apprenticeship and its been great to have the support of Nerang RSL ever since stepping through the doors of the club five years ago,” she said.

“I love being part of a team which is genuinely interested in helping me progress my passion and achieve my goals. It has made for a very positive environment, and, a workplace that I was excited to come back to each shift.

“I feel very lucky to have been guided by Nerang RSL Head Chef, Jason Blond, who has played a large part in my journey at the club. Jason has been extremely supportive and I’ve been able to ask questions, gain insight and learn first-hand from an established chef who believes in my passion and has pushed me to chase my dreams.

“I’m very thankful for this opportunity and look forward to celebrating my apprenticeship with the team at the presentation morning that the club is putting on for me on International Women’s Day.”

Ana said she has enjoyed every moment of her apprenticeship, from the peaks to the challenges, and is excited for what the future holds.

“Whether learning about standards of cookery and hygiene to applying my learning from my book studies and implementing my skill set when working at the club, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my experience,” she said.

“What stood out to me was the ability to be hands on throughout my apprenticeship. Jason frequently asked me to come up with dishes and provide input into the menu which gave me the opportunity to learn how to make a range of new dishes and gain greater knowledge about different foods.

“My apprenticeship has reinforced my passion for food and cooking and it’s a fantastic feeling to know my hard work has paid off. This qualification has put me in good stead to progress my career, chase opportunities, continue learning and even open up doors to travel which is definitely on my bucket list.”

Nerang RSL Head Chef, Jason Blond, said he’s very humbled by Ana’s display of passion and dedication and is proud to see her accomplish the milestone.

“Ana’s become a part of the Nerang RSL family so it’s very rewarding to see her reach this milestone and I feel humbled to have played a part in guiding and teaching her throughout
her journey to completing her apprenticeship,” he said.

“Ana’s been able to get involved in many opportunities as part of her apprenticeship at Nerang RSL that other places often don’t offer. She’s been very proactive in creating dishes for our menu and providing input and suggestions across the club which is great to see.”

Having been in the industry for 29 years himself, Jason said it’s exciting to know there are budding chefs like Ana who want to learn and make their mark within the industry.

“A lot of apprentices often come and go, so it’s one thing to get individuals to start apprenticeships but another to see them complete it. It’s a tough industry with long hours so you need to be passionate, dedicated and motivated and throughout her apprenticeship, Ana has shown she’s the making of all these aspects,” he said.

“What makes the occasion even more special is that Ana is the first female apprentice through Nerang RSL to complete a Certificate III in Commercial Cookery at our club, so we are very proud of her and look forward to putting on an appreciation morning and presentation to celebrate her achievement.”

Nerang RSL General Manager, Andrew McInnes, said the club has a focus on fostering the development of trainees and apprentices alike and is pleased to have Ana continue as part of the team.

“We put a lot of focus on culture and long-term vision at Nerang RSL and strive to put the time and effort into facilitating opportunities that help individuals who want to learn and pursue their passion,” he said.

“Nerang RSL is very proud of Ana and being one of the most successful apprentices to come through our club, I have no doubt she will continue to succeed, set an example and serve as an invaluable asset to Nerang RSL.”

Meet Member Matt Ford

Matt Ford Quik Serve Mobile Mechanic

It was the warm weather, sunny skies and opportunity for a better lifestyle that encouraged Nerang RSL and Memorial Club member, Matt Ford, to make the move from the United Kingdom to the ‘land down under,’ six years ago. Calling the Coast his new home, Matt has become a regular face of Nerang RSL, and our resident car mechanic and we’re delighted to profile him in this month’s edition of The Stentorian.

Matt first stepped through the doors of Nerang RSL four years ago, when he was introduced to the club through his partner, Amy, and her family. Since then Matt has become involved in many aspects across our club.

“I was thrilled to have been introduced to a place like Nerang RSL, it’s a fantastic club with great members and friendly staff who are always up for a chat,” said Matt.

“I really enjoy being part of the Nerang RSL community and lending a hand wherever I can. Amy’s parents, Lyn and Guy, own Gala Promotions which does some promotional work
at the club, so that’s how I came across it and ever since, I’ve been able to get involved in hosting raffles and gaming promotions during the week and I’ve really come to know fellow members and staff along the way.”

When he’s not hosting raffles and promotions around the club, or getting out in the sunshine to coach kids’ soccer, Matt is working his magic on cars across the Coast – through his locally run mobile mechanic business, Quik Serve Mobile Mechanic.

“I started my business about two years ago and many of the staff members at the club found out and have been very supportive and keen to use my services, which is a great feeling,” said Matt.

“My customer base spans across the Coast but more often  than not, you’ll find me parked in the Club’s car park!”

When asked what he most looks forward to after a hard days work, Matt says a visit to the RSL is always welcomed.

“The members and staff members are what truly make the club such a special place. Since day one, I’ve felt very welcomed and there’s always something happening at
the club whether it’s live music, games and promotions, or entertainment which makes for a fantastic atmosphere,” he said.

“Not to mention the club’s pizzas and chicken wings… I really enjoy those too,” he laughed.

For more information on Quik Serve Mobile Mechanic click www.facebook.com/QuikServes/

Nerang RSL Sub Branch New Wheels

The Nerang RSL Sub Branch has expanded its welfare services, on the back of a grant from the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, Veteran and Community Grants Program, and welcomed a new set of wheels!

The Nerang RSL Sub Branch van, an LDV G10 People Mover, is equipped with nine seats and a spacious interior for extra ease and comfort for its guests.

Nerang RSL Sub Branch Secretary, David Barnicoat, says the Sub Branch is extremely grateful for the vehicle which will be used to assist veterans and their families.

“The Sub Branch is very thankful for the grant received which has greatly assisted us in the purchase of this new vehicle and has enabled the Sub Branch to expand our services for veterans and the local community,” said David.

“The vehicle is used to assist veterans who might require some additional help or don’t have access to the required facilities to get to places they need to be.

“The van is operated by our volunteers at the Sub Branch who pick up and drop off those who require transport, whether it is for meetings that our Sub Branch members might need to attend, or doctor’s appointments and general transportation.”

David says the vehicle is a welcomed addition to the Sub Branch, particularly with the new year ahead and plans for the Sub Branch to expand its support network.

“One of the key objectives of the Sub Branch is to continue to support veterans and their families and deliver on our commitments, while also being in a position to help out further in the community.

“The volunteers at the Sub Branch look forward to helping out where needed and having a chat along the way to those who use the service.”

For more information, please contact the Sub Branch at Nerang RSL.

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