2019 Nerang RSL Hot Wing Challenge

Nerang RSL Hot Wong Challenge

It was Hot Wings GALORE at the Nerang RSL last month with our Hot Wings Challenge attracting food fanatics, competitive eaters and lovers of the wings to the RSL in an attempt to tackle the wings and claim victory as king or queen of the Hot Wings.

20 competitors took to the stage to do their best damage and finish TEN full-sized wings in seven minutes. The Hot Wings were well and truly HOT made by Head Chef Jason Blond using a concoction of Blair’s Death Sauce Australia products mixed with loads of the world’s hottest chilli “The Carolina Reaper”, putting competitors to the ultimate test.

The competition saw the return of the renowned Chad ‘Froman’ Jones who made history as Nerang RSL’s first Pig Out Pie Eating Contest held on Australia Day this year. Chad proved the Hot Wings were no challenge as he devoured all 10 insanely hot wings in 1:52 to take out first prize of $300 cash and Hot Wing champion Hat & Shirt.

Close behind was Michael Harrison scoring $75 cash plus hat & shirt and finishing not long after and in third place, was Hendrika who took home $25 plus merchandise.

The atmosphere was absolutely electric as the crowd cheered on our competitors who put on their bravest faces. It was a fantastic afternoon for all and all the photos from the day can be found on our Facebook Page plus each wave of the competition can be seen on our YouTube Channel.

Big Talk at Nerang RSL

Community Donation Grants Gold Coast

Nerang RSL welcomes Wakefield Trinity players and presents gold coast titans $1000 cheque at Nerang RSL’s ‘big talk’ night in support of the Men of League Foundation.

Talking all-things footy and life beyond the Fields, to cooking snags on the BBQ and raising funds for the Men of League Foundation, the Nerang RSL and Memorial Club’s recent Big Talk night in support of the Men of League Foundation was certainly one to remember!

The Nerang RSL presented a one thousand dollar cheque to the Gold Coast Titans in support of their Physical Disability Rugby League Team and welcomed three super league players from Wakefield Trinity, who flew from the United Kingdom, to attend Big Talk and play against the Gold Coast Titans Physical Disability Rugby League team (GCTPDRL) in a curtain-raiser game prior to the Titans taking on the Broncos at CBUS Stadium last month.

The Nerang RSL’s Big Talk night was BIG indeed with guests not only sharing in some banter, a barbeque and some bevies, but also the opportunity to listen to Wakefield Trinity’s Darren Dean, Connor Lynes and Ben Nicholson share about their physical disabilities, passion for Rugby League and life beyond the footy field.

Nerang RSL Board Member – and footy fanatic, coach of league referees and the night’s official emcee – Lloyd Evans, said the Nerang RSL was pleased to present the Titans with a cheque and welcome Darren, Connor and Ben for a fantastic night in support of the Men of League Foundation.

“The recent Big Talk night held at Nerang RSL was one for the history books! It was fantastic the Nerang RSL was able to present a cheque to the Titans in support of their Physical Disability Rugby League Team and have Gold Coast Titans CEO Steve Mitchell, Executive Chairman Dennis Watt, Community and Game Development Officer Renee Cohen and their latest signing, English International Kallum Watkins at the RSL. It was also nice to
see the local community come together to hear Darren, Connor and Ben, all the way from the UK, share their stories and passion for Rugby League,” said Lloyd.

“The Nerang RSL is proud to be able to provide a donation to help with the costs associated with hosting a physical disability game. There are many individuals who can’t partake in League at high-end levels because of
physical disability, whether due to aspects like Cerebral Palsy or injury resulting from an accident, and, as part of their community work the Gold Coast Titans formed the Physical Disability Rugby League team which allows players with physical disability to get involved in modified games, be part of a team and have some fun on the footy field.

“Big Talk also saw the likes of English fullback Paul Charlton, halfback for Australia Dennis Ward, centre for Australia Bob Honan and New Zealand half-back Graeme Farrar join us. It was fantastic to see the Rugby League community, and the wider community, come together to enjoy all the night had to offer while raising money for the Men of League Foundation.”

Following Big Talk at the Nerang RSL, Darren, Connor and Ben were treated like NRL royalty.

“The boys took to the field and played against the GCTPDRL team as part of the Legends team, which in the past has included the likes of Scott Prince and Preston Campbell, in a curtain-raiser before the Titans took on the Broncos at CBUS Stadium last month,” Lloyd said.

“It was great to see the excitement and the smiles on the boys’ faces as they took to the field to partake in a sport they love.

“Darren, Connor and Ben were also taken under the wing of the Melbourne Storm, who kindly gave the boys a unique game-day experience, including a tour of the Storm’s dressing room before their game against the Titans last month.”

Lloyd said the Nerang RSL, a community-centric club, couldn’t pass up the opportunity to support the boys on their adventure ‘Down Under,’ invite them to Big Talk, and, showcase the Club’s support for GCTPDRL.

“It was humbling to play a part in Darren, Connor and Ben’s experience in Australia and great to know that we’ve been able to assist the GCTPDRL,” said Lloyd.

“The Nerang RSL is ecstatic both parties came along to our Big Talk night, which is always held in support of a great cause. The Nerang RSL has donated around $30,000 to the Men of League Foundation to date and our relationship only continues to move from strength to strength.

“I encourage everyone to keep an eye out for our next event and come along. It’s always a fantastic night and everyone is welcome whether Nerang RSL members, footy fanatics, families or kids!”

For further information on the Men of League Foundation, visit www.menofleague.com

Justine Catts Nerang RSL

Q) How did you come across the Nerang RSL and what is your role?

“I was a member of the Nerang RSL and each time I visited the RSL, the staff were so nice and welcoming, and always seemed to be having lots of fun. I really wanted to be part of it and threw in my day job …and the rest is history! I’ve worked at the Club for three and a half years now and I absolutely love it. I’m the Gaming Supervisor, which involves hosting our members, overseeing staff, keeping up to date with new machines and the promotions we’re running, as well as staff training.”

Q) What is a highlight across your time at the Nerang RSL?

“Being a part of the Nerang RSL family. I really enjoy working with the team at the RSL and interacting with our members and guests, it’s simply a great atmosphere. It’s a fantastic community to be a part of and the Club is truly like family.”

Q) Your husband-to-be, Brad, owns local business Catts Purrfect Painting and Carpentry and often lends a hand at the Nerang RSL. Can you tell us about this?

“Brad is the Club’s go-to-guy for everything painting and carpentry! He’s helped with everything from patching holes and re-painting the entire Club, to replacing doors and basically brings out the tools for anything that requires maintenance at the RSL.”

Q) You’ve recently become a grandparent. Congratulations and what are you enjoying most?

“Thank you! Yes, I became a grandparent three months ago. We just love his little smile and it’s nice to go through the baby phase again but also to be able to hand him back, and not have to do all of the hard work!” laughed Justine.

Q) Do you have a favourite dish on the menu at Nerang RSL?

“The Nachos in the Café is one of my favourite go-to options.”

Q) You’ve started planning for this year’s Gold Coast Christmas Light Competition and have made the Top 10 in previous years. Can you tell us about this?

“We’ve entered the Gold Coast Christmas Light Competition since 2012 and absolutely love it; it’s always a bit of fun. There’s a lot of planning that goes into it – we decorate the entire house so, at the moment, we’re deciding what to include in the design. It’s then a matter of pulling out all of the equipment to see what we already have and what we’re going to add to give it a new WOW factor. It’s great to see the community come together to enjoy the displays and Brad’s a big kid at heart, so he loves it.”

Meet Member Geoff Stephan

Geoff Stephan Vietnam Veteran

If Geoff Stephan looks a familiar face, or the name rings a bell, it’s likely because he’s been proactively involved in the Nerang RSL and Memorial Club community for decades. Geoff has been an active member and President of the Nerang RSL Sub Branch, a Club Committee Member, and Treasurer, and, is the official emcee of the Vietnam Veterans Commemoration Service to be held this month. It’s safe to say Geoff Stephan has and continues to be, a valued member of the Nerang RSL community and we’re honoured to profile our life member in the August edition of The

Before making his mark at the Nerang RSL and Memorial Club, Geoff dedicated over 20 years to military service. Although originally deferring national service and leaving Sydney for Narrabri, where he got a job at the local RSL, it wasn’t long until he found himself back in Sydney and at the front door of the recruitment office for the Australian Army, Navy and Air Force.

“I walked in, signed up and returned home – and wasn’t in my father’s good books seeing as he was in the Navy, and asked why I joined the Army. I told him I could walk and run faster than I could swim,” said Geoff.

“I went overseas as an infantry soldier and after eight months in Vietnam I returned home, became a technician and worked my way up to Sergeant in the workshop. I had been talking to a Regiment Sergeant Major (RSM) who suggested I tried going Regimental. I became a Class Two and Squadron Sergeant Major and then a Warrant Office Class One, which is a Regimental Sergeant Major and began to teach others who were going to be Warrant Officers.”

“After 21 years of service, I decided it was time for me to finish up. I bought a house in Nerang and having been a returned serviceman I knew about the local Nerang RSL and decided to join. I was only there for a little while before my wife, Yvonne, bought a shop in Mermaid Beach, so I joined another Club on the Gold Coast.

“At the time I was working for the Vietnam Veterans Federation and we moved over to Nerang, so I was happy to return back to my local, the Nerang RSL. I started to get involved in things like selling meat tray raffles, which was a great opportunity to get to know many of the members and staff.”

“I started going along to the Sub Branch meetings at the Nerang RSL and given that I was already qualified in handling pensions and pension inquiries, decided to help out and get involved at the Sub Branch wherever I could.”

From selling meat trays at the Club and attending Sub Branch meetings, it wasn’t long until Geoff stepped up as President of the Sub Branch, a role he upheld from 2006 to 2015.

“I got on the Committee as Deputy President of the Sub Branch and became President of the Sub Branch in 2006, as well as joining the Committee of the Memorial Club. I was, and am still, very passionate about the Nerang RSL and Memorial Club so it’s a nice feeling knowing I’ve contributed to making the Club what it is today,” said Geoff.

“We had our share of hurdles along the way when it came to the initial expansion of the Nerang RSL. There was a bit of controversy between the Club and the Sub Branch surrounding whether to expand and although I was part of the Sub Branch, in my eyes, we could either stay in the small clubhouse, or expand and evolve, and provide a fantastic Club for the community. After much discussions and a vote, we went on with the extensions and had numerous meetings to discuss and decide what would be best for both the Club and the Sub Branch.

“I’ve really enjoyed all of my roles at the Nerang RSL and Memorial Club and am humbled I’ve been able to contribute to shaping special aspects around the club including Cenotaph. the Sub Branch at the time decided to put up a new wall because the original one was starting to fall apart and wasn’t big enough for all of the remembrance plaques. I came up with a design and the new wall went up, and, it’s great to see it standing there today with additional modifications over time by Nerang RSL’s Sub Branch.”

Geoff is now a lifetime member of the Nerang RSL and the official emcee of the Vietnam Veterans Commemoration Service which will be held at the RSL on Vietnam Veterans Day to commemorate the service of all men and women who served in Vietnam.

“When I was asked to be the emcee of the Vietnam Veterans Commemoration Service for the first time in 2018, I was very emotional and loved the idea,” said Geoff.

“I received a lot of positive feedback last year which is very humbling and I’m now going to be emceeing the Commemorative Service for years to come, until I can’t do it anymore. It’s something I really look forward to because it’s a special and important day for the community to come together to remember those who paid the ultimate sacrifice.”

Geoff said he’s pleased with the opportunity to continue to play a part at the Nerang RSL, and, said he can’t pass up the opportunity to visit the Club for a bit of banter and a bevvy (and to see his grandchildren who also work at the Nerang RSL!).

“It’s great to have seen the Nerang RSL evolve into the community-centric and supportive environment and the facility it is today”, said Geoff.

“The members make it a special place and the staff are very welcoming and are great to have a laugh with. I love to come along to the Nerang RSL on a Friday, hang out in the #4211SportzBar with my mates, share a few bevies and have a good chat. My grandchildren also work at the Club too, which is quite special!”

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