Meet member Melinda Brown

Making the move to the Gold Coast from NSW in 2016, one of the first things Melinda Brown wanted to do was find a local netball club for her daughter. It was the warm welcome and community feel expressed by the Nerang RSL Netball Club that left Melinda feeling part of a new ‘netball family’ and wanting to sign up instantly!

Three years on, not only has the club become their local netball home but Melinda has been appointed as Secretary of the Nerang RSL Netball Club, and we’re honoured to feature her as our member of the month for June 2019.

Melinda has grown up surrounded by all-things netball. She’s played, coached and umpired the sport for over 25 years and is ecstatic to have found a club like Nerang RSL which provides opportunities for the local community to get involved in sport teams. Melinda said she’s humbled that herself and daughter, also a lover of netball, are able to be part of a netball club which operates on the pillars of the community, family and fun.

“Nerang RSL Netball Club was very welcoming when my daughter and I first stepped through the doors three years ago. New to the area at the time, it was a nice feeling to walk into a club and immediately feel a sense of warmth, support and excitement of all-things netball.” said Melinda.

“It’s all about getting social at Nerang RSL Netball Club. If we get a win, it’s a bonus but we’re more focused on making sure our teams get on the court and have some fun, and, we’re always looking for ways to get families involved as a whole. After training on a Wednesday, the Netball Club puts on a free sausage sizzle which is a great opportunity for all to enjoy, and players and their families will often stay after their games to watch other games and support players.”

It wasn’t long until Melinda put her hand up to get involved in volunteer coaching, and now she’s topping that off as Secretary of the club. in addition to her time on the court, she’s now responsible for reporting to the Sports Council of the RSL, liaising with netball associations, assisting in grading and coordination of teams and assisting with executive needs.

In her new role as Secretary, Melinda said she is looking forward to helping Nerang RSL Netball Club, which has over 100 players and nine junior teams and seven senior teams, grow and strengthen its position within the local community.

“I’m really looking forward to helping grow the Nerang RSL Netball Club, prepare the next generation of coaches and help the club to secure funding for upgrades to training facilities. We are still a small club and rely heavily on donations, so it
would be fantastic to get more players and volunteer coaches on board next season and ultimately expand the club and see it become self-sufficient.

“We’re climbing the ranks to become a competitive club and we’re moving in the right direction. Last year, two teams entered the grand final as part of the Southport Carrara Netball Association’s Winter Competition and one of the teams walked away with a fantastic win! Nerang RSL Netball Club has also secured representative funding for four of our girls to play with the Southport Carrara Netball Association
in the upcoming Queensland State Age Championships which is a great achievement for the girls and Nerang RSL Netball Club is very proud.”

And for those looking to get involved in the local community, Melinda said Nerang RSL is a perfect place to do just that. “Nerang RSL is a great community to be part of and the Netball Club will often hold raffles at the club and encourage the community to visit the RSL to get involved in the raffles, to have a bite to eat and simply get to know others within the community”, said Melinda.

“The Netball Club is always welcoming new players, coaches and volunteers and whichever the role, its simply a great opportunity to have some fun and make new friends along the way.”

Meet Staff Member Jeremy Finch

What brought you to Nerang RSL and how long have you been working at the club?
“I enrolled in a training course to complete a Certificate 3 in Hospitality and from there, secured a role at Nerang RSL and Memorial Club. I’ve been working at the RSL for about a year now and I really enjoy it as I’ve met so many great staff and members along the way.”

What is your role at Nerang RSL?
“My role is quite versatile and has allowed me to be involved in a number of aspects across the club. I started out in the restaurant where I would wait tables and as I continued to learn and take on more tasks, I progressed into working in the bar. I now frequently work in the #4211SportzBar which has a great atmosphere.”

What is something you’ve most enjoyed across your time working at Nerang RSL?
“I’m really appreciative that Nerang RSL has committed the time to train me. The club is very invested in its employees and it’s a great feeling to know that you’re not just a staff member, but rather a valued employee. We do a fair bit of extensive training and I’ve had the opportunity be involved in training sessions to learn more about wine, beer and coffee which has been very insightful. Having worked diversely across the RSL, I’ve come to know many members and guests and I enjoy the chance to have a chat with them too.”

What are your top tips for providing excellent customer service?
“The key is to have a positive attitude, a smile and I always treat people how I would like to be treated. I like to interact with customers, have a chat and do what I can to make their experience a positive one. It’s nice to receive positive feedback and it’s humbling to know you might have made someone’s day.”

You’re quite tech-savvy; can you share some insight?
“I have a passion for creating ideas and developing computer games. I wanted to find a way to express my creative side because I had so many ideas but never the ability to showcase them, so I visited an academy in Brisbane and showed them my portfolio. From there, they taught me the skills I needed to be able to express my ideas through creative avenues whether it be computer games, advertising or television. It was a great experience and my artistic ability has really developed and I enjoy being able to pursue my passion for creativity alongside my role at Nerang RSL.”

Meet Member Jeff Robinson

If Jeff is a familiar face, it’s likely because you’ve seen him concreting the pathways to the Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial Garden, out on a fishing charter with the Nerang RSL fishing club, taking a swing on the golfing green or hanging out in our #4211SportzBar with his mates and a bevvy (usually a beer or a nice red) in hand. For over 20 years, Jeff Robinson has been a valued member of Nerang RSL and Memorial Club and we’re delighted to profile him as our member of the month.
Jeff first stepped foot into the Nerang RSL when it was a small club with just a couple of hundred members. Regularly returning for a drink with his mates, a bite to eat and a play on the pokies, he decided to sign up as a member in 1998 and has since become involved in numerous activities across the club. He’s currently President of the Fishing Club and as a concreter by trade, he is our first port of call for all-things concreting! “It’s great to be part of such a tight-knit community at Nerang RSL and it has been special to see the club evolve over the years and become such a beating pulse of the local community, said Jeff.

“Nerang RSL has always been ‘my local’ and when I first stepped through the doors nearly 20 years ago, I immediately felt a genuine sense of welcome. It’s nice to be part of a club that gives so much to the community and in turn, I like to put my hand up to get involved and do what I can to give back.

“I’ve helped out around the RSL through my concreting business, Above All Concreting, and have concreted the pathways through the Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial Garden as well as helping with a few other jobs around the club. It’s a nice feeling to help out where I can and see the job get done.”

When he’s not on the tools, Jeff is organising fishing charters, club meetings, and raffles as part of his role as President of the Nerang RSL Fishing Club alongside getting involved in all-things sport related at the RSL.

“I really enjoy my role as President of the Nerang RSL Fishing Club and encourage anyone who might be interested to join the club to do so as it’s a great opportunity to get social and meet fellow members and locals all while enjoying everything the Fishing Club has to offer,” said Jeff.

“We hold monthly meetings, fishing competitions, and raffles and this year, plan to have around six or seven fishing charters where we hire a charter boat on the Coast and enjoy a day out on the water before returning to the club for a couple of drinks and a feed.

“I’ve also been a member of the Nerang RSL Social Golf Club for as long as I can remember and enjoy having a punt as part of the RSL’s AFL tipping competition. There are so many opportunities to get involved at Nerang RSL and it’s always great to finish the day with a visit to the #4211SportzBar where the facilities are absolutely fantastic, and the atmosphere is even better.

“It truly is all about the community at the Nerang RSL and the club is full of fantastic staff that know your name and are happy to have a chat, and it’s a great place to make a few mates, enjoy a drink and a meal. Nerang RSL is like no other and is a fantastic all-rounder within our community.”

To find out more information or to join the Nerang RSL Fishing Club, please contact Jeff directly or visit the front desk at Nerang RSL. Anyone is welcome to join!

Scott Muldoon PCYC Nerang

Police Officer Scott Muldoon is a passionate member of the local community and since 1992 has been a fixture of the Nerang PCYC (Police Citizens Youth Club), whereas Branch Manager proactively enriches the lives of troubled youths through the Deep Blue Line mentoring program.

The Nerang RSL has been a committed partner of the PCYC, donating funds and holding events in support of the outstanding community work Scott and his team undertake each year.

Scott, who has been a member of the Nerang RSL since 2013, said without the continued support of the Nerang RSL, the program wouldn’t be what it is today.

“It is with the ongoing support, fundraising and provision of vital resources we are able to continue the program successfully year after year” he said.

“The club’s annual Sports Lunch sees funds going to integral community organisations. We’ve had donations of up to $6000 for our PCYC boxing classes, which drew a huge turnout and gave youths a chance to channel their emotions into a sport that focuses on personal growth and development.

“Support from the Nerang RSL and other important local organisations means we can continue to provide the best programs for our troubled youths, ultimately making a larger impact on the wider community.

‘The program is aimed at young men and boys who may not have the best male role models in their lives and our job is to enhance their positive sense of self, boost self-esteem and provide a variety of positive life experiences.

“Through a diverse range of fun, team-oriented activities, we encourage goal setting behaviours and self-control awarding youths a variety of life-based skills that we hope will change their wellbeing and life path for the better.

“We were incredibly grateful to hold a special cooking class at the Nerang RSL – where the group cooked their own chicken schnitzel from scratch in the kitchen and learnt some fantastic hands-on skills they can use throughout daily life.”

“We also have mentors come in to talk about their own life experiences and struggles that we hope may shed some light on what these young males are going through, including special talks with Titans players and other local personalities.”

Scott loves the occasional beer at the Nerang RSL and said the club is warm, welcoming and a central meeting place for the community.

“The Nerang RSL is a fantastic part of what makes the local area so great, a beautiful club where people can come together and socialise in a safe and positive environment,” he said.

“I love attending important community functions at the club and it’s great to see Management proactively make a difference in the community by holding charity evenings, fundraisers and exciting events that everyone can enjoy, while significantly benefiting the local Nerang area in the process.”