Sunday 12th September 2021


-     Mega Bingo 5 will be held at the Nerang RSL and Memorial Club on Sunday the 12th of September at 1pm Sharp.

-     Total Prize pool is $7,500 payout with 100 players or 75% of total Prize Pool for 99 players or less. If over 100 players enter the prize pool is 75% of total ticket proceeds.

-     Cost to play is $100 per set. Please note Nerang Reward Points cannot be used to purchase these tickets. (Members can convert points to cash at the cashier)

-     This set includes one (1) full book of 20 games and two (2) sheets of each Jackpot. 

-     A maximum of two (2) sets per person will be played. No sets can be split or shared (unless otherwise advised). No person can purchase extra books or jackpots.

-     Staff are ineligible to participate, plus any family members living under the same roof as the person/s conducting the Bingo game.

-     In the event of a participant not being present or having to leave the room during the session, their package will be forfeited and cannot be played by another person playing their own package.

-     Purchasing of tickets can only be done through the reception till with a Bingo staff-member present. Two receipts will be issued, and one is to go the player and the other held as a record of purchase by management. The receipt serves as the ticket to the event and must be presented on the day.

-     Payments must be made in full by 12:55pm on Sunday the 12th of September 2021

-     PETS are available on a first come first served basis..

-     All prizes up to $2,000 will be paid in cash.

-     Due to unforeseen circumstances, Mega Bingo 5 can be cancelled at anytime by management and refunds of total payments will be conducted.

-     All players must be seated and ready to play by 1pm.

-     If there are (two) 2 winners in any one game the prize amount will be equally shared.

-     Should technical problems prevent the completion of a game, the game will be completed at a later time.

-     It is solely the players responsibility to ensure the winning claim has been acknowledged. Winners must call out load and clearly with their hand up until the call has been recognised.

-     The decision of management is final, and no correspondence will be entered into.