Terms and Conditions

·         Promotion Host will announce that the raffle ticket sales will be commencing at approximately 17:30.

·         All Available Prizes will be displayed at the raffle counter at the beginning of the raffle.

·         All tickets are the sole responsibility of the purchaser.

·         Promotion Host will announce raffle prizes & cost of tickets over various intervals between 17:30 & 19:15.

·         Promotion Host will announce that raffle tickets will be ceasing sale at approximately 19:15 & raffle is about to commence.

·         Prior to the raffle draw commencing the Promotion Host will announce that the numbers will be displayed on various screens throughout the club and what areas it will be audible around the club.

·         Once ticket sales have ceased at approximately 19:15 and the raffle is about to be drawn, the Promotion Host will explain the running of the raffles and how it will work.

·         The drawing of numbers will take place using the BSG Random Number Generator and the number will be displayed on selected screens withing the club.

·         Numbers will also be announced once, and members are then to come to the change cage to claim their prize.

·         It is the responsibility of the raffle ticket holder to check if they are a winner.

·         Prizes will be drawn in increments of 20 Club Vouchers then 10 meat trays, 20 Reward Point Prizes and finally a Bonus Prize Draw.  This means 4 sessions taking about 15 minutes each.

·         ALL prizes are non-transferable and cannot be changed for any reason.

·         Members will then be given time to claim their prize from the drawn numbers.

·         Unclaimed prizes/numbers from the numbers will be displayed at reception to give every member the opportunity to collect their prize.

·         At the end of the entire raffle, any unclaimed prize/s will have the ticket number displayed at reception for the entirety of Friday night.

·         Winners who win a meat tray will be allocated a docket that shows they are the winner of a meat tray from the raffle. The member must then present the docket to reception to enable them to receive their Meat tray from the Coolroom.

·         When collecting their meat tray from the cool room they must show members card or I.D to verify that they are the actual winner.

·         If no member’s card or I.D can be provided the prize will be held until such time that the winner has been verified.

·         A 51st draw (Lucky Loser draw) will be done which is a mystery prize. This can be anything from Points/Vouchers, Alcohol, tickets to events in the club.

·         Members will have all Friday evening to claim their prize. Any unclaimed prizes will then be forfeited and donated back to the club.

·         Nerang RSL & Memorial Club reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.

·         In the event of a dispute, the decision of Nerang RSL Management is final, and no correspondence will be entered into.