1.      Promotion is only open to financial members of the Nerang RSL and Memorial Club.

2.      The promotion will start on Monday the 28th of June 2021 at 10:00 am.

3.      The promotion will end at 3:59pm on Sunday the 19th of September 2021.

4.      The Major Prize will be drawn on Sunday the 19th of September at approximately 4:00pm.

5.      The major prize is $10,000 Cash. ($5,000 Cash and $5,000 Cheque)



6.      To be eligible to receive a Virtual ticket, members must insert their current, financial Nerang RSL Members card into a Gaming Machine. (It is the player’s responsibility to enter their Pin number and activate their playing session)

7.      ONE (1) Ticket to the draw will be credited to a members account when achieving a cumulative win of $500 during the promotional period.

8.      The number of Virtual tickets a member has earned can be viewed by swiping their card at the Kiosk and looking under virtual entries.

9.      The Major Draw will take place in the Gaming Room at The Nerang RSL and Memorial Club, 69 Nerang Street, Nerang, QLD 4211 at approximately 4 pm on Sunday the 19th of September 2021.

10.  The draw will be conducted by spinning the virtual wheel at which time when completed the members name will be read out and announced as the winner of the $10,000 draw.

11.  To Claim the prize the member must present themselves within in a reasonable amount of time to the compere to claim the prize. If the member drawn is not present a redraw will occur until a winner has been found.

12.  All entries earned during the promotion period will remain in the draw for the length of the promotion.

13.   On the day of the draw, members are required to swipe their membership card through the Rewards Swipe terminals to validate their Virtual tickets.

14.  If for any reason relating to the COVID-19 restrictions, the Nerang RSL and Memorial Club reserves the right to adjust any part of this promotion prior to the draw date.

15.  The decision of Nerang RSL Management is final, and no correspondence will be entered into.

16.  All entries are non-transferable.

17.  The Nerang RSL will not be held liable for the loss of electronic entries due to a malfunction of terminal or equipment.

18.  This promotion is not intended for excluded gaming patrons and minors.

19.  The promoter is The Nerang RSL and Memorial Club.