Meet Staff Member Justine Boucher

Justine Catts Nerang RSL

Q) How did you come across the Nerang RSL and what is your role?

“I was a member of the Nerang RSL and each time I visited the RSL, the staff were so nice and welcoming, and always seemed to be having lots of fun. I really wanted to be part of it and threw in my day job …and the rest is history! I’ve worked at the Club for three and a half years now and I absolutely love it. I’m the Gaming Supervisor, which involves hosting our members, overseeing staff, keeping up to date with new machines and the promotions we’re running, as well as staff training.”

Q) What is a highlight across your time at the Nerang RSL?

“Being a part of the Nerang RSL family. I really enjoy working with the team at the RSL and interacting with our members and guests, it’s simply a great atmosphere. It’s a fantastic community to be a part of and the Club is truly like family.”

Q) Your husband-to-be, Brad, owns local business Catts Purrfect Painting and Carpentry and often lends a hand at the Nerang RSL. Can you tell us about this?

“Brad is the Club’s go-to-guy for everything painting and carpentry! He’s helped with everything from patching holes and re-painting the entire Club, to replacing doors and basically brings out the tools for anything that requires maintenance at the RSL.”

Q) You’ve recently become a grandparent. Congratulations and what are you enjoying most?

“Thank you! Yes, I became a grandparent three months ago. We just love his little smile and it’s nice to go through the baby phase again but also to be able to hand him back, and not have to do all of the hard work!” laughed Justine.

Q) Do you have a favourite dish on the menu at Nerang RSL?

“The Nachos in the Café is one of my favourite go-to options.”

Q) You’ve started planning for this year’s Gold Coast Christmas Light Competition and have made the Top 10 in previous years. Can you tell us about this?

“We’ve entered the Gold Coast Christmas Light Competition since 2012 and absolutely love it; it’s always a bit of fun. There’s a lot of planning that goes into it – we decorate the entire house so, at the moment, we’re deciding what to include in the design. It’s then a matter of pulling out all of the equipment to see what we already have and what we’re going to add to give it a new WOW factor. It’s great to see the community come together to enjoy the displays and Brad’s a big kid at heart, so he loves it.”