Meet Staff Member Bianca Daley

Nerang RSL Staff Member

Our Senior Steward and all-round superstar, Bianca Daley, was the first employee at Nerang RSL and Memorial Club to be awarded an exclusive scholarship on the back of a recent partnership between Nerang RSL and Australia’s leading university, Bond University, to offer an exciting new scholarship program to its indigenous employees.

The collaboration sees a Nerang RSL indigenous staff member awarded a scholarship on a bi-annual basis, allowing the employee to further excel their career and expertise while continuing to work at the Club.

Having worked across various departments at Nerang RSL for five years, Biancas dedication, commitment and exceptional work ethic prompted the Nerang RSL to explore the scholarship opportunity.

Commencing her Diploma in Business Management in January, Bianca has now reached the six month mark and we caught up with her to chat all-things university, Nerang RSL and more!

Q) How did you first come across Nerang RSL and can you tell us about your roles across your time at the RSL?

“My friend told me about a food and beverage position that was going at Nerang RSL and at the time I was looking for a job so I decided to apply. I got a call a couple of months later, around the time of renovations at the club, and I was asked to come in for an interview. I went in for the interview and within a couple of hours I’d landed the job and started as a waiter upstairs at the Club. Five years later and I’ve worked across various departments including in the café and I’ve been promoted to a Senior Steward position which involves running the café and
making sure all is going to plan!”

Q) You’re in your second semester at Bond University studying a Diploma in Business Management. How is university life treating you, tell us about it!?

“My first semester was a rollercoaster and trying to find balance and consistency was quite a challenge. I got through the semester however and was very proud of myself and now I’m in my second semester and have definitely found balance and consistency> Bond University is such a beautiful place to study and I’m very much enjoying my time!”

Q) What’s it like juggling university and your role at Nerang RSL?

“The support I receive from both Nerang RSL and Bond University is fantastic. If there’s ever a time where I need to be at uni but I’m also working, the RSL is very flexible and encouraging when juggling my university and work schedule. I feel very supported by the Nerang RSL and this support even extends to my assessments – if I ever need an audience to practice a presentation in front of, I know I can always count on the team!

I have a great support network at Bond University as well – I see my tutor twice a week and she helps guide me in terms of completing homework and assessments, to making sure I’m on track with my grades. I feel very supported all round!”

Q) What are you most enjoying about your program?

“Studying a Diploma in Business Management has allowed me to delve into the theory of business and it’s fantastic that I’ve been able to, and continue to, develop my knowledge and understanding to accompany my practical skill set. I really love working at Nerang RSL and am looking forward to continuing to apply my skills, as well as bringing a new skill set
and my new learnings to the workplace.

I’d love to progress into a management position at Nerang RSL and with the renovations at the club nearing including a hotel, it opens up a whole range of possibilities. I’m open to opportunities and excited as to what lies ahead!”

Q) Do you have any special talents, hobbies or interests?

“I used to play soccer and am still really passionate about it!”

Q) When you’re not working or studying, what are you likely doing?

“You’ll usually find me hanging out with my best friends and having lunch, going to one of their houses to have some drinks and catch up, or simply at home relaxing!”