Meet Nerang RSL member and local community hero Scott Muldoon

Scott Muldoon PCYC Nerang

Police Officer Scott Muldoon is a passionate member of the local community and since 1992 has been a fixture of the Nerang PCYC (Police Citizens Youth Club), whereas Branch Manager proactively enriches the lives of troubled youths through the Deep Blue Line mentoring program.

The Nerang RSL has been a committed partner of the PCYC, donating funds and holding events in support of the outstanding community work Scott and his team undertake each year.

Scott, who has been a member of the Nerang RSL since 2013, said without the continued support of the Nerang RSL, the program wouldn’t be what it is today.

“It is with the ongoing support, fundraising and provision of vital resources we are able to continue the program successfully year after year” he said.

“The club’s annual Sports Lunch sees funds going to integral community organisations. We’ve had donations of up to $6000 for our PCYC boxing classes, which drew a huge turnout and gave youths a chance to channel their emotions into a sport that focuses on personal growth and development.

“Support from the Nerang RSL and other important local organisations means we can continue to provide the best programs for our troubled youths, ultimately making a larger impact on the wider community.

‘The program is aimed at young men and boys who may not have the best male role models in their lives and our job is to enhance their positive sense of self, boost self-esteem and provide a variety of positive life experiences.

“Through a diverse range of fun, team-oriented activities, we encourage goal setting behaviours and self-control awarding youths a variety of life-based skills that we hope will change their wellbeing and life path for the better.

“We were incredibly grateful to hold a special cooking class at the Nerang RSL – where the group cooked their own chicken schnitzel from scratch in the kitchen and learnt some fantastic hands-on skills they can use throughout daily life.”

“We also have mentors come in to talk about their own life experiences and struggles that we hope may shed some light on what these young males are going through, including special talks with Titans players and other local personalities.”

Scott loves the occasional beer at the Nerang RSL and said the club is warm, welcoming and a central meeting place for the community.

“The Nerang RSL is a fantastic part of what makes the local area so great, a beautiful club where people can come together and socialise in a safe and positive environment,” he said.

“I love attending important community functions at the club and it’s great to see Management proactively make a difference in the community by holding charity evenings, fundraisers and exciting events that everyone can enjoy, while significantly benefiting the local Nerang area in the process.”

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