Meet Staff Member John Kouimanis

John Kouminas Nerang RSL

What brought you to the RSL and what is involved in your role?

“I was looking for something new and a bit of diversity in my role so I decided to apply at the club and have been here for nearly two years now. I started out on the floor and have recently been promoted to Senior Steward at Gallipoli which I’m really enjoying. Some of my tasks within my role include the day to day running of the restaurant, making sure staff are happy and ensuring our customers are having a good experience. My grandfather was the president of the Sub Branch and my sister worked at the club before going on maternity leave so I’ve always known about Nerang RSL and I feel very honoured to now also be involved at the club.”

What do you most enjoy about your role and what is something you look forward to?

“I enjoy being able to walk around and interact with members and guests and there’s always something to do at the RSL which keeps me busy. I’m really looking forward to the learning opportunities that will come from being promoted to a Senior Steward and am also quite excited about the upcoming renovations for Nerang RSL.”

What is your ‘go to’ wine and meal on the menu?

“The Gallipoli Beef Burger is definitely a great option and if I were to recommend a wine, it would be the Amisfield Pinot Noir.”

What is something you’ve learnt along the way at Nerang RSL?

“Nerang RSL is a very supportive environment and there are often numerous training sessions offered to staff so that we can continue to learn in our roles. Through some of these training sessions, I’ve been able to gain a lot of insight into the array of wines and the different products we offer at the club. Andrew McInnes has also taught me a lot which I really appreciate because it’s a great feeling knowing that you have the support of your employer.”

What do you like to do in your spare time?

“You’ll usually find me at the gym, the beach or relaxing with my partner.”

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